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Meet The 27-Year-Old Young Real Estate Mogul, Precious Okechukwu Who Is Transforming the Industry

Hav’i-Lah Real Estate Worldwide founder Precious Okechukwu Adaobi is bridging the gap between the traditional real estate industry and the rise of the platform economy.
Every entrepreneur has that moment–an epiphany, an experience, a moment of sudden discovery and profound intuition–in which a formerly unsolvable problem becomes suddenly clear and obvious.

Precious Okechukwu Adaobi

From a young age, Precious portrayed a keen sense of entrepreneurism. With every new venture being more innovative than the last, she gained real-life experience through the implementation and execution of his risk-taking and thrill-seeking ideas.
She is ambitious and full of zest. Intellectual and marketing brawn.  She has it immensely, and brims with zeal and praiseworthy guts. She is a C-suite go-getter goals that knows how to deploy dazzling footwork to accomplish set goals. Underlying these uncommon qualities are the vision and zeal to become one of the biggest real estate firms of choice in Nigeria’s attractive property market. At 27, Ms Precious Okechukwu Adaobi pursues this vision with vigour anchored on the overarching mission to excel in finding sustainable solutions to the chasm created by 29 million housing deficits in Nigeria’s real estate market that require a whopping N59.5 trillion ($74,375,000,000) to fill.
With nimble steps she is consummating sales and achieving the company’s vision through completed and ongoing projects, creating opportunities to investors to partner with the company as homeowners and co-owners of ongoing projects, and investment through fintech.

Precious Adaobi Okechukwu Cover Nov/Dec 2022 Issue Of Pleasures Magazine

Hav’i-Lah Real Estate Worldwide Limited
To its advantage, Hav’i-lah Real Estate has developed and managed properties for individuals, corporate organizations, while strategically consolidating its activities across Nigeria, the entire West African sub-region, UAE, U.K, Canada, and U.S., where it has delivered cutting-edge and competitive real estate solutions to its teeming clients at competitive prices.

Ms Okechukwu says this period favours investors outside Africa and Diasporas to buy and invest in real estate assets as the country’s currency valuation which is currently slightly over N800 per dollar (parallel market rate) works in profits for them. “Because of this, we are seeking partnerships, investors, and clients to invest with us as there’s much profit to be made in this zone or Africa, especially through our current project in Banana Island selling at $450,000 and $550,000 with initial deposit of $200,000. This comes in with a guaranteed ROI of 300% in 2 years from its current Naira market value.”

The Isabella Luxury by Hav’i-Lah


Gutsy Precious says: “This is our most luxurious apartments and Maisonette located at Banana Island, one of the wealthiest estates in the world with an initial deposit of $200,000. It is selling for $450,000 and $550,000 respectively. The Island represents a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere and a home for the country’s wealthiest families. The features include incredible infrastructure, 24 hour-electricity supply, extreme tight security, good road layout, central sewage system and treatment plant. There is also a Games Park for Children, and the well- cherished company of fellow wealthy folks, rooftop and infinity swimming pool, extremely massive living room with an ante room and visitors’ toilet, personal gym, automated control system for sounds, lights, air-conditioners, and others, fully fitted kitchen with gas cooker, and heat extractor.”

Le Madre, which is selling for $138,000 (N111,000,000) also comes in packages of 4- bedroom duplex located at Ajao Estate, close to the International Airport. The structures come fully solar powered with 24-hour electricity supply, extremely massive living room with an Ante room and visitors’ toilet, very close proximity to the airport with a scenic view of it from your bedroom, external terraces on all floors, private office, large dining area, private gardens, beautiful external void that goes from second floor to the ground floor.


There are also 3-bedroom Penthouses at Hav’i-Lah Court 1 located at Lekki Lagos, selling for $68,750 (N55,000,000). They have very spacious master bedrooms, all ensuite rooms, spacious and well-finished living rooms, fully fitted kitchen with gas cooker, heat extractor, 24-hour clean water, security, and light. They also come with own built Transformer, automated cables and panels, and extremely large carpark spaces.


Offerings at the Hav’i-Lah Court 1, include 2-bedroom Duplexes also selling for $68,750 (N55,000,000). The duplexes also feature very spacious master bedroom, all ensuite rooms, spacious and well-finished living rooms, open plan fully fitted kitchen, and other standard amenities.


Still at the location, 3-bedroom Duplexes at Hav’i-Lah Court 1 are selling for $81,250 (N65,000,000). They come with spacious and well-finished living room, beautiful dining area, very spacious master bedroom, all en-suite rooms, and other modern facilities.
There are also 2-bedroom Penthouses at Hav’i-Lah Court 2 , selling for $56,250 (N45,000,000) with very spacious master bedroom, with other alluring facilities.
The company invites investors to invest or partner with its reputable impact in the country to build momentum in the effort at making 1,000,000 landlords and drastically reducing the mindboggling housing deficits currently in the country. “We are certain through the Fintech (Online Mortgage Financing). We would be able to achieve all these goals and make millions of landlords as we currently have customers who need this platform,” Precious told Pleasures Magazine.

Real Estate Investment
Hav’i-Lah is seeking investors to facilitate the development building project to avoid being caught by inflation, satisfy customers’ demands, and keep to the proposed completion date of the project. It is the future of real estate investment that guarantees a 45% ROI with as little as N10 million ($12,500).
She is convinced that betting on the real estate market in Nigeria remains one of the most rewarding investment decisions anyone can make to hedge against the headwinds and uncertainties that becloud the future. Hear her: “The real estate sector in Nigeria is a sector that never depreciates. It increases in value with a 300% ROI over 18 months to 2 years. People are becoming more aware of this and are looking to buy a property either for rental income or to live in it. Regardless, after making that bold decision to purchase a house, you realize you don’t have the money to buy a house.


Ms Okechukwu says: “To align with our vision to make a minimum of 1,000,000 people in the world homeowners in the shortest possible time by reducing the housing deficit drastically through the help of partners and investors but 5,000 in 3 years from our own developed properties. The idea is to give investors the opportunity to become co-owners of our projects by investing a minimum of N10 Million ($12,500) within 12 – 24 months and getting a 10 – 45% return on investment (ROI). The company has seen significant growth over the past four years of its existence with one completed project in Westend estate, Ikota, Lagos and 3 active projects in Ikota Villa Estate, Sangotedo , Ajao Estate and Ikoyi, Lagos.

In the Silver Investment package, investors are expected to invest N10 million – N19 million ($12,500 – $23,750)  for one year and get 10% ROI, and 25% for two years.
Gold Investment offers 13% ROI in 12 months on N20 million – N29 million ($25,000 – $36,250) and 28% ROI for 24 months, while Platinum Investment program is to deliver 15% ROI on N30 million – N99 million ($37,500-$123,750) in 12 months, and 35% in 2 years.
Investors who opt for Diamond Investment offering can bet N100 million – N199 million ($125,000-$248,750) and get 15% ROI in 12 months and 35% in 24 months. The return to investment is even more attractive in the Emerald Investment category where up to 20% ROI can be earned on N200 million ($250,000) and above for one year, and 45% for two years.
With the ISABELLA by Hav’I-Lah Real Estate the company aims to build an automated luxurious housing complex in the heart of Ikoyi, Lagos, where there is everything for customers’ rest and living. The complex consists of 50 units of Two (2) and Three (3) bedroom luxurious condos and penthouses with an open terrace. This is capped with complex Infrastructures, including swimming pool, children’s outdoor playground, 24/7 security, fitness centre, lounge, ample car park space, and conference room.

Ongoing Projects
Some of the completed and ongoing off plan building projects in Hav’i-Lah Real Estate located in different parts of Lagos, Nigeria include HAV’I-LAH COURT 1, which consists of 25 units of 2 and 3-bedroom terrace duplexes and penthouses at Westend Estate, off Lekky County Homes, Ikota. Total project value is estimated at N1,200,000,000 ($1,666,667), HAV’I-LAH COURT 2, which consists of 12 units of 2 and 3-bedroom terrace duplexes and penthouses at Ikota Villa Estate, Lekki. Total project value is estimated at N720,000,000 ($889,000)
It includes HAV’I-LAH COURT 3, which consists of 150 units of 2 and 3-bedroom apartments at Sangotedo, Ajah. Total project value is estimated at N4,505,000, 000 ($5,200,000), and LA MADRE, which consists of units of 4-bedroom terrace duplex with a pent floor at Ajao Estate. Total project value is estimated at N360,000,000 ($500,000).

Fintech By Hav’i-Lah Real Estate Worldwide
Precious is showing the way to go with Hav’i-Lah Homes Finance, which she describes as “the country’s first Online Mortgage Platform with its payments made through E-Naira and Cryptocurrency.”
Hav’i-Lah homes Finance is providing long-term payment plans to its customers, our goal is to make up to 5,000 homeowners in 3 years through online mortgage financing.
“We have identified a problem which is people’s need to acquire mortgage loans but not through the tedious process of our traditional mortgage banks, with a 29million housing deficit which will take N59.5 trillion indicating the vast and untapped potential of Nigeria’s real estate sector, Hav’I-Lah Real Estate is here to bridge that gap and provide adequate solutions to that effect. We are the first of its kind in Africa to Kick off the digital mortgage finance, it would be mind-blowing and something a lot of people would want to explore.”

She added: “Diasporas can access this mortgage platform through our Payment hubs like E-naira (Central Bank digital currency issued and regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria) and Cryptocurrencies, as we are also creating a blockchain for this purpose. Most home buyers are not buying houses but creating wealth through the blockchain technology.
With a 35% equity, regardless of your qualification, anyone can access a loan from us, we intend to make this easy for all our customers. There is an option for everyone, employed and self-employed. Hav’i-Lah Home Finance has been created in a way to serve everybody from different spheres of work, so do not think you can’t access a loan; there might be an option for you. You can also calculate your monthly payment and compare our interest rate through our online calculator.”
Payment Structure
The company is creating a powerful blockchain technology, MetaHav (a listed coin on Metaverse), to help buyers own homes physically and on the blockchain through Metaverse (a crypto metaverse is an immersive virtual world that incorporates blockchain technology and cryptocurrency) to earn large profits for the buyer. She explains further: “Customers can process their payments through MetaHav as a coin to purchase their properties of which they can raise wealth through virtual world on Metaverse and in the physical world through their properties. It’s explosive. All Payments are to be made through the Digital platforms as we will incorporate the E-Naira (the digital form of the Naira used just like cash) platform for easy payments especially by customers in the Diaspora. Also, we are creating our blockchain technology (MetaHav) where our coin can be used to purchase these properties and accepting 2 major exchanges like Binance and Ethereum. This, in turn, creates wealth for each house buyer as the value rises.”

The online mortgage platform is a medium to reach Nigerians in the Diaspora and across the world to make them also become homeowners in Africa.
Digitalizing the whole mortgage process, different from the traditional mortgage bank, clients can see progress of their loan application online, through their mobile app or website.
Getting a mortgage should be simple, modern, and transparent to eliminate 6 months to 1 year of waiting to get loans from the brick-and-mortar banks.
Accessibility to different mortgage products and options.
Availability of long-term plans with online and mobile tools.
Diversified loan options and tenure with different requirements and interest rates, to enable clients shop and compare mortgage options online.
Customers can discover if they qualify for loans in minutes and shape their loan around their qualification.
Lowest interest rate.
Provision of a credit score base system where past loan takers can get loans at a lower interest rate depending on their credit score and and repayment history.
Provision of a live chat where we can give advice and render consultation services to home buyers who are confused about certain things that have to do with their purchase instead of waiting to queue up at banks to resolve issues.
Clients who do not have cash, are given options to pay in other forms like the E-Naira Platforms and Cryptocurrencies.

Hav’i-Lah is also into one of the most profitable ventures in the country which is Sand Dredging. The company dredges it’s own sand to sell at profits. The company caters for the provision of sharp sand to real estate developers and construction sites. As real estate that the demand for sand and  other building materials are higher than the supply, so we are here to fill up that gain the market. We currently have a dredging site at Sangotedo opposite Novare Mall, Ajah (by the biggest mall in Africa) where we intend to dredge daily. We have a goal to expand to Ten dredging sites in the next 5 years.
Visit to start earning massively.
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The Perfect House for Newlyweds

One of the things that can grow a marriage is looking for opportunities to indulge in things that make both parties happy. Buying a new home can be some of the most expensive spendings that happens in an individual’s life, so it’s important to feel secure with the decision that’s being made. You have to make sure that your decision to invest in getting a house doesn’t alter your long-term obligations. As newlyweds, you want to go for that house that will benefit your taste. Nothing beats the joy of meeting friendly new neighbors in a serene environment that will now become your neighborhood. Here are a few tips as you go through the process.


Considering Financial Strength

It is essential to consider your financial strength as a couple before taking on a project of this magnitude. Newlyweds usually have a bucket list of cost implications on projects they want to embark on together. They may have even drawn a scale of preference. It would be best if you were confident that getting that dream home will not hamper your other financial obligations, else the joy that came with getting the house could get sour soon.



Getting the wrong home or one in a neighborhood that would later not appeal to you can infect your happy marriage with sadness for years. You can’t compare purchasing a home and buying electronic appliances because, unlike the former, you can quickly return the electronics if there are issues or replace them altogether. Getting a house is cost-intensive, and you need to explore before diving into just any option. The first step in getting a home is to determine what your priorities are. Some of the things to consider are:


The size and design:

Newlyweds hoping to build a big family will go for a bigger size.
How commutable the road is to your office or good schools for your children.

Are there other friendly kids in the neighborhood?

What perception of the general environment do you get as a first impression?

Are the taxes on properties low here?

How about crime rates in the area?

The newlyweds need to make a detailed list of what they want in an ideal home and narrow their search accordingly.


Doing your research

After making a detailed list of your preferences, the next step is to do some finding out. You can get pretty much all the information you need online. Many real-estate sites collect information on properties globally for your research purposes. Some of the pieces of information they give amongst others for each house are:

The pictures of the interiors, exterior, siding, and surroundings;

The actual sizes of what you see in the picture, and

The potential cost of the home.

Check out for long-term value

Sometimes, after all the care put in place to get the ideal house as newlyweds, you discover that what you settled for was not exactly what it seemed during the research process. Having an aura of happiness around your home with your wife is key to making the marriage bond stronger. So, if your new house isn’t offering you what you need, maybe it is time to think of moving out before you start having issues in your marriage. There is a way the discomfort can rub off on minor family issues, and things quickly get aggravated. When buying your first house, you need to make sure it has a long-term value if you have to sell it again. Reselling a home doesn’t necessarily mean you are having issues there. It is possible that your job is relocating you to another country or you need a change of environment after some years.



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Property Management Tips for Landlords

Landlords should often expend significant time and effort in other to build financial security and ensure their properties are providing a return on investment. This can be done if you enlist the help of a qualified and capable property manager, or by yourself if time and convenience permits.

Here are a few property management tips we recommend for landlords.

  1. Be meticulous about tenant selection
    Ensure that you find the perfect candidate that can save you a significant amount of time and money later on because it is cheaper to keep a good-quality tenant long-term than it is to spend time and money on re-advertising your property and cleaning up after, or even evicting low-quality renters, not to mention the risk of having a property without income if a new occupant is not available immediately after a previous tenant has vacated the property. With this in mind, selecting tenants should be a significant priority for every successful landlord.
  2. Get the lease right
    For complete peace of mind, have a professional draw up your lease in consultation with yourself; whether that professional be a lawyer or a property manager. A trusted professional will know the ins and outs of what is allowable and proper to ensure you’re not caught out during any future conflicts with your residents. Pay particular attention to the clauses that outline your rights and responsibilities. 
  3. Be smart and responsive about property maintenance and repairs
    Landlords are responsible for ensuring their properties are safe to live in, therefore being responsive to any concerns raised by the tenants will confirm to your tenants that you are willing to uphold your end of the lease, which makes them less likely to cause avoidable problems for you down the line. 
  4. Find the right property manager
    If choosing tenants is important, choosing the person who’ll be interacting with them is more so!  A good property manager will provide you with regular reporting and clear communication and will be able to take you through the established protocol for any tenant-related situations that may arise.
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4 ways to keep your house warm this raining season

Even the smallest draft can cause the temperature inside the house to drop drastically when the weather is cold. Common places for drafts to enter your house are underneath doors, around windows (including between window panes and the frame. There are few things better than waking up to a warm, properly heated home after a cold night.

There are few things worse than having to endure all that cold and expecting the warm embrace of your home only to be met by an icy house that takes way too long to heat up.

It’s been known that residents see a reduction in their electricity bills during these months since they have to turn off the AC all day, but when your home doesn’t even warm up properly, it feels like an absolute waste of money.

With remote work and virtual classrooms quickly becoming the norm, staying inside and properly controlling your house’s temperature has never been so important. Here are short tips to keep your house warm;

1. Don’t drain a hot bathtub. Wait for it to cool before you drain it.

2. Add rugs to hard floors

3. Use thick curtains

4. Do not let heat escape by keeping all windows and doors completely closed whenever possible.


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Advantages of Investing in Short Let Apartments in Nigeria

What is a Short Let?

A short let is any property that is rented out for a specified period of time. Just as the name implies, it is usually let out for a short period of time which could range from weeks to months. It could include self-con rooms, two-bedroom or three-bedroom apartments, bungalows, and even duplexes.

Investing in a short-let apartment guarantees a consistent income from owned properties with the privilege to sell if need be. There is a massive gain from an increase in the property value over time due to changing demands in the area; even if the property does not undergo any changes, the value may rise significantly over a few years.

Let us delve into the benefits of owning a short let home in Nigeria. Property owners can make money without limits from short lets. There is a regular demand for it as there would always be business travelers in need of an affordable and comfortable place to stay while they are away from home. Short lets give property owners the opportunity of having an alternative source of income when they are not in the country or in the city for a period of time.

They can let out their apartment temporarily and make money from it until they return. The most significant benefit of owning a rental property is that the renters provide a direct income stream. There is no limit to how much money one can earn from owning a short-let home; depending on the season and time of the year, a three-bedroom duplex can fetch the owner as high as N150,000/ day, and that is being modest.

Short lets allow flexibility as the owner can decide how long he wants the tenants to occupy the property. Starting a short let business is a good investment opportunity for people looking to earn extra income from their property. It is a real estate investment plan that enables you to earn massive profit by investing in a real estate property, developing it, and letting it out for short periods of time.

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Investment Possibilities for Low-Income Earners

The need to invest has been widely spread over the years, however, a good number of people still underrate the power of a good investment. To put it in context, the term “investment” is somewhat vague to people who believe they have nothing to do with handling large sums of money. A good number of people are not financially literate enough to know that they do not need to be rich to participate in investment plans.

An investment plan is like the cure to the ailment called “financial instability”. While growing up, I used to hear my parents’ friends talk a lot about buying shares in some companies for their children. Back then, they made it look like investing was only for the elite. I saw this as the reason why my parents never bought shares like their friends, my parents were comfortable, not elite.

Several years later, I took it upon myself to educate the masses on how to make investments as an average-class citizen or a low-income earner, because everyone deserves to earn from investments.

Before you read further, it is important you know that as a low-income earner, your plans must involve investing smartly in quality investments and not just quantity, in order words, search for investments that offer valuable returns instead of higher returns, this is a secret you don’t find just anywhere.

Now, as a low-income earner, there are three things you must do as a low-income investor;

1.     Save: There are several reasons why you must save before investing. It is best to automate your savings so that you don’t forget to save a percentage regularly. Imbibing a saving culture can contribute massively to your investment plans as a low-income earner, you would not have to depend solely on your income to make investments and when you finally make an investment, you would not be terribly affected by a risky or low return investment.

2.     Settle Debts: For better results upon investments, analyze your lifestyle and the things causing you debts. When you have identified them, figure out a way to manage them. When you receive your income, put away a certain percentage for your emergency saving, then settle some of your debts, that way, you have the freedom to invest without constraints and worries.

3.     Consider Your Future: Naturally, every investment made is a plan towards the future. Your investments could be towards a relocation plan, a plan for your children’s academic fees, or even your retirement plan. Considering what you wish for your future will make it easier to know the percentage of your income you wish to invest.

With these simple and straightforward steps, investing even on a low budget can be made possible and achievable, it is never too early or too late.

We will be sharing platforms and other avenues you can invest in subsequent articles. Thanks for reading.

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