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Even the smallest draft can cause the temperature inside the house to drop drastically when the weather is cold. Common places for drafts to enter your house are underneath doors, around windows (including between window panes and the frame. There are few things better than waking up to a warm, properly heated home after a cold night.

There are few things worse than having to endure all that cold and expecting the warm embrace of your home only to be met by an icy house that takes way too long to heat up.

It’s been known that residents see a reduction in their electricity bills during these months since they have to turn off the AC all day, but when your home doesn’t even warm up properly, it feels like an absolute waste of money.

With remote work and virtual classrooms quickly becoming the norm, staying inside and properly controlling your house’s temperature has never been so important. Here are short tips to keep your house warm;

1. Don’t drain a hot bathtub. Wait for it to cool before you drain it.

2. Add rugs to hard floors

3. Use thick curtains

4. Do not let heat escape by keeping all windows and doors completely closed whenever possible.


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